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Terms and conditions:



  • Information about availability and the duration of the work will be provided to the Client only if he/she wishes to proceed with the service, as we are taking into consideration the constant changes in availability of materials and/or weather conditions.

  • It will be the responsibility of the client to arrange parking in front of the property so the team can load and unload any materials. Should this not be the case additional charges will apply.

Congestion and parking charges are not included in this quote.

  • Quotes provided by photos are confirmed again once we are on site and make sure the measurements and condition of the garden have no discrepancies than what we have been advised of.

  • Should underlying rock or building rubble be found where we could not reasonably have been expected to have known about it from the inspection prior to the quotation, we will re-evaluate the situation and calculate the cost implications. Any reasonable additional costs shall be for the Clients account, over and above the original quote.

  • Should the Client wish to dispose of additional waste in a skip that Cosy Gardens has hired, we would require this to be discussed first in writing so we can advise him/her of the additional charges.

  • The images we include in the quote/emails are for illustration purposes only. Anything that is not mentioned in the written quote is an additional charge other than anything reasonably expected to be included in a landscaping quotation.

  • Any errors or omissions in the estimate, order confirmation, invoice or other documentation/information issued by Cosy Gardens can be corrected in consultation with the Client.

  • As professionals we always strive to give the best advice to all of our Clients in terms of design, colour, timings for a service, etc however in situations where the Client chooses not to take the advice given into consideration, we kindly ask that this is confirmed in writing and that the Client is aware that we do not accept any responsibility for such decisions.

  • Samples are not included in this quote. It is the responsibility of the Client to find and purchase these.

  • After-care maintenance is not included in our quotes.

We do send a Care-guide for Artificial grass once the work has been completed and can recommend the following:

- to preserve the sleepers/decking/fencing further, we would recommend treating them with an exterior wood oil, decking oil or wood paint. This will help to repel water and prevent water ingress - the main cause of wood rot;

- sealer to be applied to sandstone paving ideally once a year in Spring or Autumn;

- upon installation of real grass it is crucial to do the following:

make sure to do hard watering for the first 2-3 weeks (skip watering on the days that it has rained), on hot days any watering must be done in the evenings only,

avoid stepping on the grass for the first 3-4 weeks so it can properly root into the soil,

make sure to mow it once it has grown over 6cm high so it can grow thicker.

  • After-builders cleaning is not included in our quotations. It is the responsibility of the Client to arrange this with a company that offers such services.


Validity of quotation:

  • Quotations are valid for a period of 14 days due to the constant changes in prices for materials because of Brexit. If not accepted within this period, it shall become null and void.

  • Any revisions to quotes will only be made if the Client is looking to book within the validation period.

      We offer only one free revision per Client and any further ones will be charged respectfully.

  • The Client may not assign or transfer Cosy Gardens’ Quotation to any third party without our consent.


Terms of payment:

  • A deposit of 40% of the total (or the full amount for materials) is payable on acceptance of the quotation at least 14 days prior the service (or earlier than that depending on the waiting period for materials), there will be a stage payment through the project of 40% for labour and the final balance is due on completion and to be organised on the last day of the service.

A receipt will be sent for each payment made via Bank Transfer.

  • Any delay of payment/s should be discussed and agreed with Cosy Gardens in writing.

  • If there is any snagging work to be done following practical completion of the work and/or we are not able to do so because of unfavourable weather the Client may hold a retention which depends on what needs to be completed but, subject to this, the remainder of the total price must be paid in full on practical completion.

  • Should at any time during the agreement the terms of payment are not adhered to, acting reasonably, we reserve the right to cancel all outstanding work and the Client shall be obliged to make payment of the outstanding amount in respect of work completed.


Access, Delays & Protection:

  • The Client must allow reasonable access to the site, electricity and water within the agreed working hours and throughout the entire period of the project.

  • Interference or obstruction from other contractors employed or the Client himself/herself may cause delays and/or damage, for which we shall not take any responsibility. Costs of such delays will be for the Clients’ account.

  • In situations where the Client decides to stop/delay the project as he/she wishes to make changes to the quotation, design and actual work that is taking place in that moment additional charges will be applied.

  • We ask that the Client ensures there are no obstacles in the garden such as garden furniture, pots, toys, sheds (unless we are disposing of the shed itself and the items inside, it should be emptied out and moved as well), etc and that they are moved before the project starts either inside the property or in an area, which we will not be working on. Should Cosy Gardens be required to move those additional charges will be applied.

  • Should the access to the garden involve going through the property Cosy Gardens will be protecting only the floors and advise the Client that he/she can protect anything else - walls, cupboards, door frames, etc if they want to. After-builders cleaning is not included in our quotation.


Risk and Ownership:

  • The risk of loss or damage of any goods shall pass to the client from the point of delivery of the project and Cosy Gardens shall not be responsible beyond that point.

  • Ownership in the goods will not pass to the Client until the service has been paid in full.



Unless otherwise agreed in writing the copyright in all original designs, drawings, specifications, photographs and written material produced by Cosy Gardens remains our property and we may use any such materials for promotional or other purposes. We do not however share any personal information of the Client such as name or address.



  • Any complaint that the Client has arising from the project must be reported within one month of the date of completion (or such other period as is reasonable in the circumstances) by email addressing the issue and attaching photos/videos. Cosy Gardens will only then properly investigate and consult the Client.

  • Shall the reason be caused by a third-party damage, accidental damage or act of God the Client will be provided with an estimate for the work.

  • Shall the reason be poor workmanship Cosy Gardens will fix the issue/s at no extra charge to the Client. You can find our Warranty and what it covers on the last page of this document.


Cancellation/Unwillingness to pay and Behaviour:

  • Should the Client decide to cancel a project we kindly ask for a 7 day notice(or such other period as is reasonable in the circumstances), otherwise 10% of the deposit will be non-refundable.

  • Should the Client decide to make a last minute cancellation where materials for the service have already been ordered by Cosy Gardens, a deduction from the deposit will be made and the Client will be refunded the remaining balance and keep the materials; this does not include the mentioned 10%.

  • Should the Client decide to cancel a project, which has already started Cosy Gardens will stop all ongoing work and reserve its right of ownership over all materials, unless they have been paid in full by the Client. The Client will then be obliged to pay for the part/s of the job(labour) that has taken place.

  • If there is a delay or unwillingness to arrange the payment, we reserve our rights to contact a debt collection agency and a solicitor.

  • We have an expectation that all Clients behave respectfully towards others both physically and verbally and will not tolerate any form of abuse or disrespectful behaviour.


Acceptance of the quote:

  • It is important that the Client reads and understands these Terms before proceeding because they will bind the Client once he/she has booked. By the Client instructing us to undertake the project, it is understood that our terms and conditions have been read and accepted.

  • No waiver of any breach of these Terms shall be valid unless made in writing and signed on behalf of Cosy Gardens.

  • We reserve our right to amend our Terms and Conditions at any time but we will however advise our Clients that have already booked their project of such changes.

  •  We reserve the right to update/amend the prices of materials for any projects that have been booked for a month/s ahead. Brexit has a tremendous impact on prices for goods and building materials, which results in constant price increase and is something that we have no control over.




All materials used are being exposed to environmental influences, climate conditions or situations that can reasonably be expected to cause more than usual level of wear and therefore we guarantee our work for a period of one year from the agreed date of completion only against any structural defects which arise as a result of either defective materials used or poor workmanship applied.

This does not cover any third-party damage, accidental damage (caused by misuse, abnormal conditions, neglect) or acts of God such as storm, excessive wind, flooding, drought, earthquake, etc.


*It is the responsibility of the Client to carry out watering maintenance of the plants/turf and Cosy Gardens will not take any responsibility of so once the work has been completed.

The plants and turf we use from our suppliers once they leave the nurseries.


*All garden rooms come with a structural 10 year guarantee and are designed to last over 30 years.

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